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Getting fit and embracing good health is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make for yourself. It can not only increase your longevity and quality of life, it can give you the gift of self-confidence and accomplishment. In this era of the quick-fix internet fitness guru, contradictory fitness and diet claims cause confusion and injury, which can weaken resolve and get in the way of your goals for a stronger body and life.

Using only current and accurate research on the subjects of nutrition and body physiology, Form Fitness tailors a style of training and diet that will suit your lifestyle while offering empowering challenges. Spencer is your advocate for positive change and will encourage you to succeed by developing healthy habits, both in the matters of health and of self-motivation. He is more than your personal trainer, he is your guide to safe and lasting victory.

CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist

Muscle Nerds Foundations

Agatsu Kettelbell Instructor

Adaptive Bodyworks Practitioner

TRX Suspension Training Specialist

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

CPR/First Aid

"I have been training with Spencer for almost 2 years now. Spencer is not only very knowledgeable and passionate about training, he makes sure that the training is about meeting me at whatever level I am at - to always improve from that. In a busy work day it can be hard to stay committed to training - using a trainer is the best personal decision I have made for many years."



​ Discover why one-on-one personal training has no substitute

Discover why one-on-one personal training has no substitute. Undivided attention and tailor made fitness programs are the best tools for gaining muscle, losing weight effectively and safely, and learning the importance of proper nutrition. Spencer teaches not only the “how” but the “why” when it comes to ​ fitness and diet, so you can fully understand and conquer your exercise program. Customized fitness programs can be specifically designed for every skill and comfort level. Whether you are a professional athlete, new to the gym, thrive in a busy setting, or prefer a more private atmosphere: we have a program for that.


Bespoke Fitness Programs From the Comfort of Home

We factor in your lifestyle, equipment, schedule, and other preferences to help you reach your goals flexibly and cost-effectively. Receive personalized training programs, lifestyle coaching, nutritional guidance, and weekly check-ins – all from your mobile device. We’ll work together to track your stats and measure your progress virtually. We know that the most effective program is the one you can stick to, so stop wasting your time trying to fit into someone else’s program. Get a bespoke program that integrates into your life seamlessly instead.

“I'm someone who has always felt very self-conscious in the gym, with Spencer I always feel supported and never judged. Spencer is exceptionally knowledgeable and I would recommend him highly.”

“Spencer is a fabulous motivator and consummate professional. I’ve set fitness goals in the past - with Spencer I was able to finally achieve them”



Your progress doesn't stop at the gym

Wellness and its relation to happiness and productivity in the workplace has been adopted as a priority by the world’s most successful organizations. Form Fitness offers in-house corporate wellness seminars which detail beneficial practices to encourage both professional and personal improvement through physical health. A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. We can give you the tools to improve this as a team and build better practices together.


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